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Welcome to the Website of the Privacy and Information Management (PIM) Taskforce

The PIM taskforce is a grassroots organization committed to helping Ontario school boards to comply with provincial and federal information and privacy legislation.

On this website, school boards will find numerous resources to support their efforts to meet or exceed the expectations of parents, students, and teachers in the areas of privacy and information management.

About the PIM Taskforce

School boards are rising to the twin challenges of the growing demand for access to information and the heightened expectations surrounding the security and protection of personal information. However, many boards lack the resources or the dedicated staff to devote to this task, and therefore place themselves at risk. The PIM taskforce has emerged to help coordinate school boards' information management efforts.

We represent all categories of school boards–large, small, public, Catholic, French–and school authorities in the province of Ontario. Wherever possible, we leverage the expertise of external and internal specialists, privacy experts, and legal resources such as the law firms Hicks Morley LLP and Keel Cottrelle LLP.

Our mission is to define and advance a set of standards for managing and providing stewardship for the collection, use and disclosure, and retention or destruction of data in Ontario school boards. Our communications plan ensures that regular updates and progress reports are distributed to the stakeholders of this initiative, including the Council of Directors of Education (CODE), the Council of Senior Business Officials (COSBO), Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO), and all MISA provincial network centres.

By helping to align and coordinate the information privacy and security efforts of school boards across the province, the PIM Taskforce will ultimately ensure efficiency and effectiveness in school board spending devoted to strengthening access to information and to the protection of personal information within the educational system.

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October 4, 2014: PIM videos targeted specifically to school board staff to enhance your knowledge and expertise of privacy protection and information management are now available.

June 25, 2012: The French version of the PIM Principal Handbook is now available. To access it click here and select "Francais".