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PIM Lawyers

Scott Williams

In the following video segments, Scott Williams from the law firm Hicks Morley LLP discusses some of the key issues arising from the Personal Health Information Protection Act and how the Act may regulate the operations of school boards. He also discusses another provincial privacy statute that applies to school boards: the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (or "MFIPPA"). Key concepts addressed in these video presentations include:


What are PHIPA and MFIPPA?

Who do PHIPA and MFIPPA apply to?

What do PHIPA and MFIPPA apply to?

Who is a Health Information Custodian under PHIPA?

How do PHIPA and MFIPPA Interact?

How and when can personal health information flow between Custodians and school boards?

Are there any limits on how non-custodians use records disclosed by custodians?

Can non-custodial staff of a board disclose personal health information to a custodian?

Nadya Tymochenko

In the following video segments, Nadya Tymochenko from the law firm Keel Cottrelle LLP addresses issues related to school boards' information management with respect to third-party service providers. Key issues addressed in these video presentations include:


When should agreements with third parties include a clause about confidential and/or private personal information?

When should school boards enter into a separate agreement with a third party?

Access requests for records involving a third party

Vendors and Private Personal Information

Auditing Vendor Compliance