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PIM toolkit Launch, September 25, 2008

The following videos are from the September 25, 2008 launch of the Privacy and Information Management (PIM) toolkit. These videos are excellent resources for PIM champions and school board teams to provide professional development for various groups or departments within their boards in the area of privacy and information management.

When using the videos for training purposes with staff in your school boards, you should first establish your privacy training objectives, then review the videos ahead of time, noting which sections (in whole or in part) you wish to share with your audience in order to support the desired privacy training objectives.

The videos can also be used, either in whole or in part, as workshop/discussion items. The training facilitator can select a video or a clip from one of the videos and develop discussion questions ahead of time for audience members to discuss and work through after watching the video.

Overview of the toolkit Launch Day: English and French Versions

In these videos, Kathy Soule and Denis Ménard share important background information about the development of the PIM toolkit, provide the context for its implementation, and emphasize its importance to school boards across the province.

English Version
Kathy Soule, Director of Education, Hastings and Prince Edward DSB


French Version
Denis Ménard, French MISA coordinator

The Importance of Public Accountability and the toolkit: A Message from the Ministry of Education

In this video, Liz Sandals shares the Ministry of Education's perspective regarding the PIM toolkit and its importance to school boards, parents, and students across the province.

Liz Sandals - Parliamentary Assistant, Ministry of Education

The Increasing Challenges Associated with Privacy

In these videos, Michael Geist details the challenges associated with privacy and describes several key elements associated with educational privacy implementation, using many real-life examples and situations. He shares his perspective on the development of the PIM toolkit and looks at next steps for the education sector.

Michael Geist - Canada Research Chair, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Q & A with Michael Geist
Michael Geist - Canada Research Chair, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa


Presentation of the toolkit

In this video, PIM co-chairs Gina Coish and Erica van Roosmalen provide information about the privacy maturity model, an information management framework, and how the contents, standards, and guidelines of the PIM toolkit can be used.

Erica van Roosmalen, Halton Catholic DSB and Gina Coish, Simcoe County DSB -- PIM co-chairs

toolkit Document Presentation: Access Control Matrix

In this video, John Shanks describes how this matrix can assist boards to identify, inventory, understand, and manage the requirements for access to personal information and how the matrix can help provide boards with an access roadmap and information alignment.

John Shanks, Upper Grand DSB

toolkit Document Presentation: Privacy Breach Protocol

In this video, Nancy Massie describes the benefits of having a privacy breach protocol and explains how the PIM privacy breach protocol is a practical, simple to use, and powerful tool for managing risks.

Nancy Massie, York Region DSB

Role of the Champion and Regional Training

In this video, Sandra Quehl discusses how PIM champions are agents of change, and details their specific roles in developing their board's privacy culture. She highlights the roles of the boards' cross-organizational teams and shares information on regional training sessions, activities, and timelines related to the PIM rollout.

Sandra Quehl, Waterloo Catholic DSB

toolkit Q & A

In this video, Russ Coles facilitates an audience question-and-answer session on several aspects of the PIM toolkit and its rollout across the province.

Facilitated by Russ Coles, York Region DSB

Summary Comments

In this video, Kathy Soule provides a concise summary of the September 25th Privacy and Information Management toolkit launch day, and shares next steps.

Kathy Soule, Director of Education, Hastings and Prince Edward DSB